Project Description

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, New Giza University.

National and international expert in the field of Maternal and Child Health,  protection and Higher education.

Dr. Lamiaa worked with various governmental and international agencies in the field of health care, education, maternal and child welfare and human resource development.

In addition to being the  Perinatal coordinator for the National Egyptian Perinatal Programme for five years, Lamiaa worked with USAID and European Union projects in Indonesia, Jordan, Yemen and Syria . Her  leadership skills were solidified  through attending The International Health Leadership Programme in Cambridge and team leading

As a Professor of Pediatrics Cairo University  Lamiaa was appointed as  Director for the Center for Social and Preventive Medicine, Cairo University, a body that links medical higher education to the health needs of the community.

She was also appointed as Secretary General for the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood,  the highest authority in Egypt responsible for protection, promotion and monitoring implementation of Child and adolescent rights in Egypt.

Lamiaa led and coordinated in close collaboration with the government and civil society, the formulation of key national strategies in the areas of population and development. This included the strategy for combating child marriage, the strategy  of Reproductive health,  the health sector in the national population strategy and the National strategy for community health workers ( Raedat Refeeat )

In September 2016, Lamiaa was appointed as the Founding Dean for Faculty of Medicine New Giza University which is the first School of Medicine in Egypt to implement the modular integrated curriculum and assessment.

Lamiaa is a member of the RUMP (Reform of Undergraduate Medical Program) committee shared among experts in the preparatory steps for the implementation of the new undergraduate medical curriculum that started in September 2019 in all Egyptian Medical schools.

Lamiaa is a member of the Pediatric Medical Council in the Arab Board since 2014. In this position she is responsible for  preparation, participating and evaluating of post graduate training and Assessment in all Arab Countries as well as accreditation of hospitals as training sites.      

Lamiaa is also a  member of MOHP higher  Research Ethics   Committee and is the  Chief Pediatric and Neonatology Consultant for Institute for  Forensic Medicine.