Dr. Faiza Abu El Naga


Dr. Faiza Abu El Naga

National Security Advisor to Egyptian President

Faiza Abu El Naga is currently the National Security Advisor to the President of Egypt. She is called the iron woman; previously, she was the Minister of International Cooperation. She has been in the spotlight for the past 30 years for her wide international and political relations abilities.
Abu El Naga is the first woman in Egypt to hold the Ministry of International Cooperation post in November 2001. She had been in the ministry till the 25th January revolution. She was on the top 25 strong woman list by “Foreign Policy” magazine, while being ranked as the “US enemy” by the New York Times newspaper when she was chosen as the national security advisor to President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Abu El Naga had started her diplomatic career in the 1970s; her first mission abroad was being in the membership of the permanent mission of Egypt in New York, US. And in 1987, Abu El Naga had joined the Egyptian defense team, headed by the Ambassador Nabil Elaraby.

Dina Abdel Fattah


Dina Abdel Fattah

Founder of the Top 50 Forum & Editor-in-Chief of Amwal Al Ghad Magazine

Dina Abdel Fattah is one of the most esteemed local TV and Radio presenters in Egypt with more than 20 years of experience in the media industry. Abdel Fattah is a force to be reckoned with in the media scene; specifically, in the business and economic fields having assumed numerous roles in a number of Egypt’s premier TV, Radio, and print publications.
She is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Amwal Al Ghad, Egypt’s leading and sole Arabic monthly business and economy dedicated magazine.

The magazine was launched in 2010 and has proven great success within the business community with a circulation of more than 15,000 copies per month, excluding distribution on EgyptAir and main media outlets in the GCC region. She is also the Economic Editor-in-Chief of Al Watan Newspaper, responsible for its weekly economic supplement.

Moreover, Abdel Fattah is the Founder and Chairperson of the Top50 Women Forum, a non-government organization which includes more than 150 high-profile women executives who have been recognized at the Top 50 Most Influential Women annual event in 2015, 2016, and 2017.
The annual event is hosted by Amwal Al Ghad Magazine under the auspices of Egyptian Prime Minister.
Prior to this, Abdel Fattah was the Economic Editor-in-Chief of Al Masry Al Youm Newspaper, responsible for its weekly economy-dedicated publication. She was also a radio host of “60Minutes with Dina Abdel Fattah” on Radio Misr, a socio- economic show that tackled the nation’s key economic issues and their implications on the regular citizen.
As a TV host, Abdel Fattah held a series of TV shows including:
2010 – “El Balad Baladna” on Modern TV
2011 – “Misr Bokra” on Al Mehwar TV
2012 –“Al Sha’ab Youreed” on Al Tahrir TV
2014 – “Sayadat Al Mowaten” on Al Mehwar TV
2015 – Al Nahar’s Live Coverage of Egypt Economic Development Conference through “Kol Al Zawaya” TV Show

In addition, Abdel Fattah also co- hosted several episodes of “Al Qahra Al Youm” with Amr Adeeb on OSN, “Masr Al Gedeeda” with Moataz El Demerdash on Al Hayatt TV, and “Sabah Dream” on Dream TV.
Prior to launching Amwal Al Ghad, Abdel Fattah began her career in the media scene in Egypt’s 2nd state- owned, Al Akhbar Arabic daily newspaper where she assumed numerous roles until she was appointed as the Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Head of Economy and Business Department at the paper. One of her most notable achievements was launching the 1st State- Owned Economic News Supplement in 2007 under the name “Banks and Financial Institutions”; aiming to cover key economic sectors including pharmaceutical, F&B, Banking, and the Stock Market.
Furthermore, Abdel Fattah co-founded the “Business Women Forum” in 1996, which aims at defining the role of women in the business arena.
Abdel Fattah graduated from Cairo University in 1986 with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism and eventually obtained a Master degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from the American University in Cairo.

Dalia Abdel Kader


Dalia Abdel Kader

Chief Sustainability Officer – Commercial International Bank (CIB), Head of sustainable Development committee at the Federation of Egyptian Banks

Dr. Dalia Abdel Kader was the Director of Marketing and Communications at Arab African International Bank (AAIB), as well as being the Founder and Vice Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of “ We Owe it to Egypt” Foundation, the first community development institution to be set up by a banking institution in Egypt.
She is an expert in sustainability studies, corporate social responsibility, and branding.

Abdel Kader is the Chairperson of the Community Development Committee of Federation of Egyptian Banks. She is also a Member of the Executive Committee of the United Nations Global Compact initiative in Egypt and of the Superbrand Council.
Also the diversity and mix in her academic background, which includes political and economic sciences and national security studies with the professional practice in the banking sector, was the reason for her leadership in reviewing the intellectual framework governing the money industry, its relationship and balance with the environment and society since the early millennium.
Abdel Kader has been able to build a long record of achievements in transforming thought into action, which has led to the activation and deepening of sustainability policies by creating future initiatives, including her contribution to the establishment of a “sustainable” to encourage financial institutions towards sustainable development.
One of her most important contributions is the launch of the “Finance Humanization” approach, which introduces a new approach and vision for the financial industry that calls for the revision of traditional accounting systems and it has been introduced through TEDxAUC in 2013.
She holds bachelor and master degrees in Political Science from the American University in Cairo and PhD in Political Science from Cairo University.

Azza Fahmy


Azza Fahmy

Jewelry Designer

Azza Fahmy’s journey began in 1969 as one of the most successful jewelry designers in the Middle East and she transmitted the culture of the East to the world through her distinctive style in jewelry design. With great effort and hard work, she has reached the world by attracting jewelry lovers across the globe. She worked as a trainee to one of the professionals in this occupation in Khan al-Khalili’s old market in Cairo during the 1970s. Then, she won a grant from the British Cultural Council for studying jewelry production at London Technical School. Fahmi was ranked as one of the most influential women in the Egyptian economy, representing her country Egypt during her journey around the world.

Fahmi has held more than 200 exhibitions around the world and she now possesses her own stores in Egypt and Jordan and retail stores in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Washington, and UK.

Amany Hamed


Amany Hamed

Chairperson of OKAZ Stockbrockers & Investment

Amany Hamed is the Chairperson of Okaz for Asset Management, Okaz Securities Management, and Okaz Financial Investment. And with her efforts, Okaz Financial investment was able to be distinguished in the money market area as a company that hinges on a long professional experience and efficiency.

Hamed has started her career teaching Economics and Business Management, then she went to work in 1991 in her father’s office, Dr. Mohammed Hamed, the former Stock Exchange President.

And in 1993 till 1998, she held the Managing Director position for Okaz Financial investment.

Hamed has participated with an effective role in the development of the Egyptian Capital Market, serving as Board Member at the Egyptian Stock Exchange from 2003 to 2006. Additionally, she is a Founding Member for ECMA – Egyptian Capital Market Association (ECMA) and had served as a Chairperson of the Stock Exchange Committee in the association for six years as well. Also, Hamed has been a Member of the American Chamber of Commerce. and she was the Chair of the Investment and the Banks Committee for 2 years in the chamber.

Moreover, Hamed has graduated from the American University in Cairo with a bachelor’s degree with Honors in Economics. Then, she has got her master’s degree in Economics from the American University in Cairo; She is also a graduate of the German School in Egypt. Hamed has attended several training courses in the money market field in Egypt and the USA.

Amani Al-Turjman


Amani Al-Turjman

Former CEO & Managing director – Misr Tourism Company and Chairman of the tourism department, EG gate.

She has been working in tourism sector since 1981 in Travco co.
Al-Turjman is one of the most famous women in the tourism sector, for leading one of the biggest tourism companies in Egypt, having more than 3,000 hotel rooms. This made her name in the recent years as a candidate to take up senior positions in the tourism sector, including the post of Minister of Tourism.

She has been recently selected as a council member of the Board Managing the Federation of Tourist Chambers to benefit from her experiences and tourism vision.

Al-Turjman has graduated from Faculty of Commerce, Ain Shams University.

Aliaa Gomaa


Aliaa Gomaa

CEO of Business Development at Beltone Asset Management (BAM)

Aliaa Gomaa is the CEO of Business Development at Beltone Asset Management (BAM). She was the Managing Director of Egyptian Stock Portfolio Investment at Beltone Asset Management which has total assets under management of EGP 32 billion, of which EGP 2.5 billion were under Aliaa’s management.
Aliaa has supervised the launch of the first Index Fund of the Egyptian market, which is a project that has been required a cooperation with the Egyptian Clearing House MCCDR, the Egyptian Stock Exchange, and the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority over eight years in order to succeed.
She has also supervised and worked on the operational session and laws regulating market makers.

Indeed, the first market maker company was founded under her leadership which contributed to the success of the Index Fund project and which is expected to bring several other categories to Egyptian investors to become the fastest-growing funds in the world.
Aliaa received her MBA from the London Business School and she holds a bachelor of Business Administration from the American University in Cairo.

Ahlam Roshdy


Ahlam Roshdy

Former Chairperson of the Internal Trade Development Authority – Egypt

Ahlam Roshdy was the Chairperson of Egypt’s Internal Trade Development Authority.
Through her management of goods and commodities transportation and facilitation, Roshdy was able to play a key role in the Egyptian Ministry of Supply and Internal Trading, during both revolutions of the 25 January and 30 June. She was known as the “Iron Woman” in the Ministry of Supply because of her being there for more than 30 years.
Roshdy has succeeded in providing vast tracts of lands to establish new investments in the Internal Trade Sector, particularly the commercial chains projects.

In addition, she was able to solve some of Internal Trade Development Authority’s land problems as some of them were robbed during the January 25th revolution when lack of security invaded the streets.

Dr. Abla Abd EL Latif


Dr. Abla Abd EL Latif

Executive Director & Director of Research at the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies ( ECES )

Abla Abd EL Latif former Chairperson of the Consultative Council for Economic Development of the Egyptian Presidency. It is a council that had been established as an initiative by President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to benefit from those who have experiences outside the executive branch of the state; it focuses on two key factors: an economic development and the reform of economic institutions.
During 2015, the council had succeeded in releasing many projects and development initiatives in a number of economic aspects, like “Entaleq”; an initiative based on leading businesses and adopting youth’s ideas, facilitating financing, developing youth’s economic ideas, and finding encouraging financing bank.

In addition, the council has released the 1000 Factory project in the Fifth Settlement Area in New Cairo and the “Wazeftak Gamb Beetak” project, that supports small and medium enterprises and involves establishing 10 factories in every governorate across the country.
Abd EL Latif participates through the council in establishing a fund to support defaulted factories.
She has got her PHD in Economics from California University, USA.