Yasmine Mohamed Farid Khamis

Chairperson of The Orientals Group

A recognized strategic leader in the carpet industry known for her contributions to both the industry and Oriental Weavers in creating various lines of products to fulfill the needs and taste of the global carpet consumers.

Being an expert to assemble, mobilize, and inspire cross-functional teams in the rapid design, deployment, and implementation of advanced business strategies and successful management solutions by analyze and capture critical business requirements and provide innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Established advanced technology to create innovative yarn systems, constructions and designs that can be showcased worldwide.

Lead and expanded the Oriental Weaver Group commitment to increase capacity, reduce costs, and provide the world with the most fashionable and cutting-edge floor coverings.

Widened the expansion together updating the technology & hiring talent heads to lead the next level of vertical integration of business needs with planned capital expenditure.

Established the group as the preferred supplier of the global renowned big boxes and home décor retail outlets.

Merged the corporate responsibility with the social responsibility through providing support to the employees and families by providing quality living, health and educational programs.

Product development that extends fashion and trends including creative engineering of machinery, process efficiencies, etc serving various distribution

channels. Inspire to innovate new directions every day using color, design, and texture at a variety of price points.

In addition to the product development, contribute towards operational improvements including modernization and people development in Oriental Weavers Group are instrumental in delivering consistent results aligning technology initiatives along with personnel growth made the Company as the No1 Carpet Manufacturer.

Bsc. Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC), AUC

Elements of Design and Colour Theory Diplomas in Pratt, NY

Accounting for Non-accountants in University of North Carolina, USA.

Introduction to Textiles in University of North Carolina, USA.

Leading Change & Organizational Renewal in Harvard Business School – USA

Shahira Zeid


Shahira Zeid

Chairperson of MZ Investments / Vice Chair of Maridive Group

Shahira Zeid is one of Egypt’s most prominent private sector executives. She is the Chairperson of MZ Investments, a holding company that overseas various firms operating in energy, logistics, tourism, and hospitality sectors, and one of Egypt’s most enterprising private sector companies.
Zied is also Vice Chair of Maridive Group, one of the largest company worldwide in petroleum and offshore marine field.

She sits on the board of Egypt’s International Economic Forum (EIFF) and its affiliate of the Arab Global Forum, and is the head of the Forum’s Woman’s Strategy Group. She is also Board Member of the Arab Business Council, World Economic Forum – Davos, Canada Egypt Business Council – CEBC, and Education For Employment, Egypt – (EFE).
Zeid strongly believes that tourism is a major growth area for Egypt and could provide an answer to many education and employment problems. Moreover, Zeid has been named by Arabian Business among its list of The World’s Most Influential Arab Women in 2017.
In 2008, she was chosen to be one among the Forbes list of the top 50 business women in the Arab world for the year 2014 and to be among the 200 most influential women in the Arab world as well.
Zeid graduated from the American University in Cairo in 1982 with a BA in Business Administration.

Suzan F. Hamdy

Senior General Manager & Member of the Executive committee, Chief Financial Inclusion and Business Development Officer – Banque Misr

Suzan F. Hamdy has an extensive experience spanning more than 34 years in the banking industry.
Hamdy began her career at the Credit and Syndications department at the Arab African International Bank, where she worked in a variety of banking divisions, including Project Finance, Remedial Management, Investment Banking, Retail Banking, Marketing, Business Development, and Foreign Branches.

She was formerly the Chairman of the Nile Fund Company for Development and Investment in the Nile Basin countries. She was also Board Member at the Export Development Bank and several other foreign companies.
In 2015, Hamdy was chosen among the top 10 bankers in Egypt, and as one of the 50 most influential women in the Egyptian economy in 2016. She was also selected as a member of the International Who’s Who of Professionals for the year 2009.
Moreover, Hamdy is a member of different business associations, such as the Egyptian Capital Market Association, Fixed Income Association, Egyptian Investment Management Association, the American Chamber of Commerce, the British Egyptian Business Association, and the World Studies Future Generation in Finland.
She is also Board Member of the International Company for Touristic Development, the owner of Conrad Hotel, and Misr Capital Investments S.A.E.
Hamdy had represented Egyptian banks in Visa International Risk Advisors for the Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa (CEMEA) region.
She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Economics from the American University in Cairo. Graduating at the age of 17, Hamdy obtained her PhD in Monetary Policy from the University of Hungarian Sciences at the age of 22, to become the youngest university graduate and PhD holder in Egypt and the Middle East.

Soha Soliman


Soha Soliman

Board member & Managing Director – AUR Leasing

Soha Soliman was named as Secretary-General of the government entity Social Fund for Development – SFD (currently the Mirco, Small, and Medium Enterprises Development Agency) in November 2014.

Under her leadership, SFD witnessed an increase of 68% MSE loans to reach approximately around EGP 4.5 billion and a rise in public works by 113% to reach around EGP 784.4 million. During her four-year tenure, Soliman has succeeded in increasing the portfolio of the small and medium-sized enterprises from EGP 3 billion to EGP 13 billion in favour of 38,000 beneficiaries.
She graduated from the Faculty of Commerce at Cairo University in 1995 to immediately start her banking career by joining Egyptian American Bank (currently Crédit Agricole Egypt).
In 2006, after being promoted several times, she reached the position of Corporate Banking Vice President in Crédit Agricole Egypt. Also, in 2006, she taught the curriculum for credit certificate at the American University in Cairo.
In 2008, she joined Audi Bank as Head of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to start new challenges with the analysis of the Egyptian SMEs access to finance, challenges, obstacles, and suggesting solutions.
In April 2010, she moved as Head of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the National Bank of Egypt, where she contributed to an increase in the bank’s SMEs portfolio from EGP 3 billion to EGP 13 billion in 4 years disbursed to around 38.000 clients in addition to EGP 5 billion in form of credit lines in coordination with international institutions.
She has received a number of training courses and international certifications in Credit and Credit Specialized Certification in SME. She has visited a number of countries to represent Egypt in the SME topics; USA, UK, Germany, Jordan, Lebanon, France, UAE, and Kuwait. Adding to this, Soliman chaired the Arab Union for Small Enterprises of the League of Arab States, and she was awarded by the Union of Arab Banks (UAB) as one of the most influential woman in Arab economic and banking sectors in 2015.

Sahar Talaat Moustafa


Sahar Talaat Moustafa

Board Member at Talaat Moustafa Group, MP

Sahar Talaat Moustafa, one of Egypt’s most prominent businesswomen, is Board Member at the real estate empire, Talaat Moustafa Group. She is also Head of the Egyptian Parliament’s Tourism and Civil Aviation Committee.
Sahar, sister of two real estate moguls Hisham and Tarek Talaat Moustafa, was able to hold her seat in the Egyptian parliament through her participation in the “For the Love of Egypt” list. She has immediately succeeded in seeking the modification of the investment law and solving the problems facing investors in the Egyptian market.

Sahar has a huge popularity in Alexandria due to her family’s programs and activities under the social responsibility framework.

Dr. Sahar Nasr


Dr. Sahar Nasr

Former Minister of Investment & International Cooperation – Egypt

Sahar Nasr was initially appointed to the Egyptian Cabinet in 2015 as the Minister of International Cooperation. A year later, the Ministry of Investment and Ministry of International Cooperation were merged and Nasr was appointed as its Minister. She was the second Egyptian woman to be appointed in the investment field.
Since then, Nasr has made several strides in restructuring and reforming the Ministry, such as establishing a Unit for Monitoring and Evaluation and a Policy Development and Strategic Planning Unit, aiming to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Official Development Assistance (ODA) to Egypt.

Nasr has extensive experience in negotiating and securing international grants and loans, especially within her role as Lead Economist at the World Bank. She has managed funds exceeding $4.3 billion that were injected into the Egyptian economy in the areas of economic reform, economic policy development, SME development, and social housing. She has also a broad expertise in organizing and heading committees of several international economic aid and foreign investment funds, as well as in the coordination with several international organizations, on top of which is the United Nations.
Furthermore, Nasr is the National Coordinator of the National Committee for the Follow-Up on the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She also serves as Governor of Egypt to several institutions such as the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa, and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).
Nasr has worked with the World Bank for 17 years. She was regional lead economist in Finance and Private Sector Development Department. During her years with the World Bank, she worked in technical and managerial positions in financial sector reform, banking restructuring, access to finance, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), microfinance, private sector development, corporate governance, economic management, and gender.
Nasr obtained a Ph.D. in Economics from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University, and worked as a Professor of Economics at the American University in Cairo, as well as other local and foreign universities.
Throughout her academic career, she published over 60 research papers, technical reports, and books in the fields of international finance, economic development, private sector and SME development, financial reform, labor market, women empowerment, and economic legislation. These papers and reports were published in scientific periodicals, including those of Cambridge and Oxford University in the UK, Berkley University in the USA, and scientific periodicals published by the World Bank. Some of these studies and research papers have contributed to drafting and structuring economic policies in various developing countries and emerging markets, including Egypt.

Sahar El Salab


Sahar El Salab

Chairperson of Hiek Nofal

Sahar El Sallab is perhaps Egypt’s top female financier. Her successful career in banking sector spanned over three decades.
El Sallab reached the pinnacle in her challenging male-dominated field of finance, when she became Chairperson of CI Capital Holding and Vice President and Managing Director of the Commercial International Bank (CIB), Egypt’s largest private bank.

She became the only woman at that level in Egypt’s entire banking sector and earned the respect and admiration of financial circles.
In 2008, she was appointed Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry for Internal Trade until March 2010.
Currently as the chairperson of HitekNOFAL, a family-owned business working in hi-tech solutions and engineering, El Sallab is focusing on creating new opportunities for young Egyptians trying to make a difference. The veteran banker’s new passion lies with her angel fund investing in IT startups. The idea for the fund grew out of her experience judging start-ups for Google, namely 75 projects including ground-breaking online application Bey2ollak, a user-based website which monitors traffic.
Furthermore, El Sallab was featured in Arabian Business website’s list of the Arab World’s 100 most powerful women for three consecutive years. She has occupied a spot in choosing the Most Influential Women by Forbes and Arabian Magazine, from the period of 2009 to 2015. Also, she has won the award of the strongest economic figures from G8 Group in London.
El Salab received a bachelor degree in Commerce from the American University in Beirut in 1973.

Sahar El-Damati


Sahar El-Damati

Managing Director for financial affairs at Heliopolis for Housing and Development

Sahar El-Damati has banking experience extending for more than 31 years, during which she held numerous leading positions in local and international financial institutions, exhibiting her distinguished capabilities in the field.
She was the managing director of Union Capital credit funds, an Egypt-based private equity firm focused on small and medium enterprises.
Prior to that, El-Damati was appointed as Vice Chairperson of Banque Misr, Egypt’s second largest public sector bank, but resigned in 2018.

El-Damati began her career in the United States as a researcher specialized in the tax policy department at the International Monetary Fund, before she moved to the World Bank in the financial policy and analysis department. She went on to become a senior credit analyst and marketing officer at the Commercial International Bank, followed by a position as the head of credit and portfolio management at the Social Fund for Development (currently the Mirco, Small, and Medium Enterprises Development Agency). Later, she moved to the Arab African International Bank, where she headed the risk management department and foreign branches as well as being a member of the Board of Directors, whilst simultaneously teaching banking and credit at the American University in Cairo and the Egyptian Banking Institute. In addition, she was also a board member of Schwepps Egypt, and the Egyptian Credit Bureau (I-Score).
Moreover, El-Damati went on to take the position of Chief Risk Officer and member of the Board of Directors at HSBC for more than 10 years. She then moved on to Emirates- NBD, where she held the positions of Deputy Managing Director, and the Executive Chief Risk Officer, as well as being a Board Member. Additionally, she served as the Chairperson of Dwarf Company, and Board Member of Alcatel-Lucent, as well as a Member of the Egyptian-Emirati Business Council.
El-Damati received her bachelor’s degree in Economics and her MBA from the American University in Cairo.

Rasha El Husseiny


Rasha El Husseiny

General Partner and Head of Equity at AUR Capital

Rasha El Husseiny is the General Partner and Head of Equity at AUR Capital, a private equity firm and is a big player in the Egyptian financial market established in 2016.
She has accumulated over 20 years of progressive professional experience in research, financial analysis, and investment banking.El Husseiny served as Executive Director of Investment Banking at Cairo Financial Holding (CFH). She was nominated one of the 200 Most Powerful Women in the Arab World in 2015 by Forbes Magazine.

Before joining CFH, El Husseiny has been the Research Director at CI Capital Research and a Board Member. She has provided advisory services for both the sell and buy sides for most of Egypt’s landmark equity transactions. She has also participated in several public and private placements of many debt issues for large Egyptian corporations.
El Husseiny holds a BA in Business Administration from the American University in Cairo and an MBA from Edinburgh Business School.

Dr. Rania Al-Mashat


Dr. Rania Al-Mashat

Minister of International Cooperation, Egypt Government

Dr. Rania Al-Mashat was the Egyptian Minister of Tourism since January 2018. She was Senior Economist in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington and worked as the Deputy Project Director of Institutional Reform and Informal Sector Center (IRIS), University of Maryland- US.
Prior to this, Al-Mashat was former Deputy Governor for Monetary Policy at the Central Bank of Egypt; she has worked on developing and modernizing a monetary policy strategy, which was launched in 2005 among the bank reform program.
Al-Mashat manages the overall economic policy of the State in cooperation with the competent economic authorities.

Besides, Rania Al-Mashat is the coordinator of relations between the Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund.
She occupies other positions as Member of the Board in: Coordinating Council for Monetary Policy, Egyptian Stock Exchange, Arab International Bank, and a Dean’s Strategic Advisory Board in School of Business, American University in Cairo (AUC). She is a founding member in the Egypt Network for Integrated Development (ENID/El Nidaa).
She was previously a member of the Arab Investment Bank, the General Authority For Investment And Free Zones (GAFI), and the Middle East Economic Association (MEEA).
Al-Mashat had also worked as Adjunct Professor of Economics at the American University in Cairo and University of Maryland. She is a research fellow at the Economic Research Forum and a lecturer at the Egyptian Banking Institute. Rania Al-Mashat has got her PHD and Master’s degree from the University of Maryland – US in
Economics and her Bachelor degree in Economics.
Moreover, Al-Mashat has won several awards, as a young international leader in the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2014 and among the top 10 women in the Egyptian banking sector in 2014 from Baseera – The Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research .
Al-Mashat was also chosen among the annual ranking of the top 100 leading young figures in Africa in 2014 and 2015 from Institut Choiseul, Paris and was selected among the leading young figures in public work in 2013 from the French g overnment. She has got outstanding Graduates Award in 2013 from the American University in Cairo.