Eman Ahmad Zaki

Director of the directorate at the Social Solidarity in Fayoum

Eman currently holds the position of Social Solidarity Directorate. Previously, she was also delegated to the position of General Director of the Development Authority in 2014 and the Deputy Managing Director at the Directorate in 2017. She is also a member of the Nation’s Future Party.  She voluntarily chose to have an active role in community development. Hence, she is a member of the National Council For Women. She keenly contributed to addressing gender-based issues, including women’s right to entitlement. This is in addition to ensuring a better impact of sustainable development, social services, and human development to harness the lives of vulnerable groups.


Farida ElGammal

Farida Thapet is a member of the National Council for Women and the Afro-Asian Union for international law and dispute settlement (A. A. U). This is in addition to her active membership in various voluntary activities through her position as a member of the Board of Trustees at Rawdt  El Khier For Community Development.  She also enrolled in a diploma in women empowerment for international and regional leadership organized by the A.A.U in collaboration with the International Leadership Center. She participated in various campaigns, including the “Knock the Doors” Campaign to combat gender-based violence and Covid -19 awareness campaign. This is in addition to holding awareness workshops for women’s political participation, along with an extensive literacy campaign in Tamiya village. Recently, she submitted a recommendation for the NCW to deliver parent coaching to combat violence among children in public schools.

Eng. Haidi Samir Sadek

Human Development Consultant

Eng. Heidi Samir chose a career path more impactful on community development through institutional structuring, taking up the position of Independent Human Development Consultant. Besides, she serves as a Vice Reporter of the National Council for Women I in the Fayoum governorate. She works as the General Director of the Agriculture Directorate in Fayoum. Further, she acts as the Founder and the CEO of El-Tareek NGO. Eng. Heidi also chaired the basic education and literacy action group for Rotary District 2451. Additionally, she works as a communication officer of the “Enhancing Gender Mainstreaming for Sustainable Rural Development” program in the Fayoum governorate. Throughout her career journey, she remarkably contributed to promoting rural areas and supporting women’s empowerment and literacy. In this regard, she held various positions as a Consultant for the Farmers Field School project launched by the General Administration of Irrigation in collaboration with GIZ, and institutional coordinator at Care International in Egypt.  She also worked at various international UN organizations, including the FAO and ILO, in addition to the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation. She also held various c-suite positions at Rotary Club. She also gained international knowledge in crisis management, effective leadership, and TOT. She also participated in various Dutch cooperation programs, along with outlining the CLE curriculum map for people with disabilities.

Dr. Heba Atef

General Manager at Fayoum Health Insurance

Dr. Heba is the Director of the Fayoum health insurance branch. After receiving a bachelor of medicine and surgery, she earned a hospital management diploma. Then, she served as a management specialist at Ain Shams University Hospital. She started her career as a resident otolaryngologist in Giza and Port Said governorates. Later on, she joined the General Health Insurance Authority where she demonstrated a vast professional experience in various positions, including Clinic Manager, Medical Inspector, and Vice Chairman of health insurance offices in several governorates.

Laila Kassem

Laila acts as a Country Rapporteur of the National Council for Women.  With regard to her professional career, she has successfully run for several offices related to PR, planning, and monitoring in the Principal Bank for Development and Agricultural Credit in Fayoum where she recently held the position of Deputy General Manager.  Along 25-year political experience, she gained experience extending to 20 years in union work, receiving 255 workshops.  She earned a bachelor’s degree from the Higher Institute of Cooperative & Managerial Studies, and later on enrolled in an accounting diploma program. Further, she has a significant social role, contributing to fee-free National ID Cards issuance for 240222 financially vulnerable women. This is in addition to providing loans for female breadwinners in collaboration with Small Projects Development Association In Fayoum to support 20000 families. She also held symposia at 1025 villages.

Dr. Marwa Ahmed Fouad

Director at the Department of Infectious diseases and surveillance – Fayoum Governorate

Dr. Marwa holds the position of Director of Surveillance of communicable diseases at the Preventive Medicine Department, Fayoum Health Affairs Directorate.  She started her career as an intern at a privately-owned pharmacy after she graduated from the faculty of pharmacy. Then, she joined Fayoum Health Affairs Directorate as a pharmacist at several medical centers. In 2015, she started a new position at the Preventive Medicine Department and was promoted later on to her current position. Since then, she successfully managed to head the Preventive staff support and on-site coordination to combat the Covid-19 crisis, along with providing relevant training and delivering status analysis reports. She also received various pharmaceutical training programs and TOT programs. Then, she delivered lectures on monitoring the surveillance of fever, rash, and flaccid paralysis.  She was assigned to coordinate programs to combat meningitis and Arbo Virus disease in the Fayoum governorate. She is also a former family medicine committee coordinator.

Dr. Mervat Abdel Azeem Khalifa

Member of the parliament

Dr. Mervat started her career path in the field of medicine. Following her graduation, she earned a master’s degree in obstetrics and gynecology and progressively achieved professional experience as Obs/Gyn Consultant.  She also acts as Secretary-General of the Doctors Syndicate Given her medical experience, she strongly contributed to community development, holding the position of party secretary at Nation’s Future Party; her efforts were also recognized by granting her a shield award. Along with her roles in several associations, Mervat has been elected as a Parliament member. Along with supporting the presidential efforts, she participated in setting up the constitutional amendments that were issued in 2019. She also witnessed several protocol signing ceremonies for promoting education. She also has active participation in the 100 Million Healthy Lives Initiative through various health awareness campaigns. This is in addition to her other efforts that have been exerted for supporting people with disabilities and vulnerable groups.

Dr. Mona Elkhashab

Senate Member

Dr. Mona El-Khashab is a Professor of Poultry Nutrition at the Faculty of Agriculture, Fayoum University. After earning her B. Sc in agriculture science from Cairo University, she decided to develop a career in academia. She started her career as a Demonstrator in the Faculty of Agriculture. During that time, she received an M. Sc in animal physiology. Later on, she obtained a Ph.D. degree. Since then, she kept holding higher academic ranks and was promoted to the faculty dean position during a tenure extended from 2015 to 2020. She chaired the sustainable agricultural development conference for 4 consecutive years. She also remarkably contributed to the establishment of the Faculty of Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences at Fayoum University. She also participated in various community-based initiatives and work union initiatives to empower women and train extension staff on utilizing technologies and the best farming practices. She is also a member of various postgraduate committees.

Mona Eissa Meawad

Financial Affairs Administrator at the Veterinary Medicine Directorate First class – Fayoum Governorate

Mrs. Mona holds the office of Senior Administrative Officer in the Financial Affairs Administration at the Veterinary Medicine Directorate, Fayoum governorate.  She also participated in the national dialogue’s meeting to draft law no 10 of 2018. She is also a member of the Nation’s Future Party.  Further, she voluntarily chose to positively impact the community’s well-being by supporting people with disabilities. In this regard, she significantly contributed to economically empowering them through a variety of efforts, among which are organizing artisanship workshops and exhibitions, and offering fee-free loans and prosthetic devices. As a member of the National Council for Women, she was responsible for supporting women with disabilities. She also participated in all the activities organized by the NWC, including the door-knocking campaigns.


Prof.Dr. Mona Soliman

Professor & Chairperson at the Department of architectural Engineering – Fayoum University

Mona Hassan is a Professor of Architecture. She chairs the Department of Architectural Engineering at Fayoum University. She has earned a reputation for her eminent contribution to architectural education, she held the position of Ex-vice Dean of Postgraduate Studies and Research, Faculty of Engineering, Fayoum University.  She has been a founding member and general coordinator of Fayoum University’s programs. Sheis a former CEO of Fayoum University’s Investment Zone. Currently, she chairs the Inventory Committee of buildings of unique architecting styles. She is also a member of the Regional Council of Planning and Urban Development. She is also highly recognized for her vast collection of academic publications and articles.