Prof.Dr. Shereen Ghallab

Professor & Head of the department of educational and psychological science

Faculty of specific education – Damietta University

Dr. Shereen is the Head of the department of educational and psychological science Faculty of specific education – Damietta University. She achieved superior academic excellence, being promoted to higher academic rankings. She was awarded on the best master’s thesis from Mansoura University. Along with her academic success, she holds various university administrative positions, along with postgraduate supervisory.  Dr. Shereen’s distinguishing participation in academic conferences about curriculum design and teaching methods.  Her academic efforts were highly recognized and appreciated.

Eng. Amal Abdel Galil

General Manager of Youth Doctorate in Damietta

Amal assumes the office of Deputy rapporteur of the National Council For Women’s branch in Damietta. Throughout her career, she held various C- suite positions. She chaired youth and leadership development departments in the Ministry of Youth. She is also a member of committees concerned about child protection and orphan care. She had a vital role in organizing African sports champions, and leadership development programs; as well as carrying out the model village project and conducting environmental studies. She has been selected as a delegate member headed to Germany to exchange country-level experience; this is in addition to her efforts to reduce school dropouts.

Dr. Amal Shata

Medical doctor pediatric consultant

Dr. Amal is a pediatric consultant. She also chairs the department of education, communication, and medical awareness at Damietta Health Directorate. She is responsible for raising awareness on maternity health and child care. She also contributed to national campaigns, medical convoys, and workshops.  Further, she participated in voluntary activities. In this regard, she was delegated to hold the position of Secretary General of the Egyptian Association For Children Protection and committee rapporteur in the Damietta governorate.  She also has a role in a collaborative effort between the association and the Alliance For Arab Women to monitor domestic violence against women and children. She was also among the 150 signatories who called for integrating women into the judiciary system. She also supported promoting women’s well-being and combating addiction as a member of the National Council For Women. She earned a master’s degree in pediatrics from Al Mansoura University.

Dr. Amany Zaher

Lecturer of women’s sociology – Faculty of Arts – Damietta University

Prof. Amany assumes the position of Associate Professor in feminine psychology in the Faculty of Arts, Damietta University. She started her academic excellence as a university graduate with academic excellence and dedication. She started her career in academia as a Demonstrator in sociology. She has been giving lectures in graduate and undergraduate studies. She also supports the community by participating in various international conferences and community dialogues. She also supported women’s empowerment, taking part in seminars as well as authoring about the major challenges facing women. She is also a founding member of the committees of environmental affairs and lab establishment.

Azza Fawzy

Special Education Advisor – Rahma Center for Special Needs

A PhD researcher in the field of special education, a special education consultant, director of the Rahma Center for People with Disabilities, and a consultant in some disability centers, namely the Egyptian Association for the Advancement of Persons with Disabilities in the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Bahraini Down Syndrome Association in the Kingdom of Bahrain, a member of the National Council for Women, Damietta branch, and a member of the Women’s Committee with Disability in the National Council for Women in Damietta Governorate.

Eng. Gehan Hussein

Director General at the General Authority for educational building in Dakahlia

Currently, she holds the position of Director General at the General Authority for the educational building in Dakahlia. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, she started her professional career that contributed to harnessing the national education infrastructure. Getting promoted, she held managerial positions in various entities, supporting the urban planning in Damietta and Port Said, as well as urban expansion in Ras El Bar. She was recognized for her professional dedication either in working or managing the development of the education infrastructure, either through building 195 new schools or carrying out maintenance activities for 630 schools. She also contributed to achieving the digital transformation in the education system.

Prof.Dr.Eng Ghada El Sayad

Head of spinning & weaving department, faculty of applied arts at Damietta University.

Former vice Dean for graduate students & research – Dean of faculty applied arts – Dean of faculty of computer & information

Prof. Ghada is the current head of the Department of Spinning, Weaving, and Knitting in the Faculty of Applied Arts, Damietta university.  Ghada has demonstrated remarkable academic progress through ascending ranks starting from a demonstrator to a professor. Along with her positions in academia, she also held other C- suite positions in the University Administration.  She has been the acting dean of both the Faculty of Applied Arts and the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences at Damietta University.  She is also a member of the Standing Scientific Committee in the Faculty of Applied Arts, in addition to her membership in many committees for education quality assurance and post-graduate programs. She authored many academic papers and books. She also has been assisting with the assessment of papers for the Conference and scientific journal publications. She also had a contributory role in amending academic regulations, developing student activities, and community development. Her efforts were crowned with success that was widely recognized by a wide array of entities awarding her recognition letters and trophies.

Sally Magdy

Public Relation Manager

Sally demonstrated in-depth experience in public relations and communication. She was also assigned to take the role of Simultaneous Translator For Damietta Governor. As she proved her professional excellence, she has been promoted to Public Relations Manager at the General Office of Damietta Governorate.  She also managed to harness her professional and soft skills by enrolling in a variety of workshops.  Sally also obtained a Master’s degree in curriculum and teaching methods.

Councelor Vivian Wesam

Deputy Chair – Administrative Protection Authority

Counselor Vivian started her judiciary career as an Associate Administrative Prosecutor. She achieved remarkable career progression. Then, she was promoted to assign the position of First Under-Secretary-General at the Administrative Prosecution Authority. She also heads a disciplinary committee in the Authority’s Damietta technical office. Throughout her career, she was responsible for the judicial supervision of several electoral processes and constitutional referendums. Throughout a 20- year career, she also investigated several graft and corruption cases in a number of public authorities. In 2013, she participated in the discussions on drafting the constitutional provision of the Administrative Prosecution Authority. Vivian also collaborates in community development, as she participated in various conferences and seminars held by the National Council For Women about combating the violence against women.

Yasmin Gohar

Rapporteur at National population council in Damietta Governance

Yasmin chose a professional career that significantly contributes to the community’s well-being and combating overpopulation, especially in Damietta governorate. She assumes the position of a Rapporteur at the National population council in Damietta Governance. Further, she is Damietta branch Manager at the National Population Council and was also appointed as Rapporteur at the regional population council and the coordinating committee of the population in Damietta. She promoted her professional experience by enrolling in workshops on population planning and public awareness. Her superior efforts were recognized by various public entities.