Abeer Gamal

Member of Parliament

Abeer Gamal has been elected as a Parliament member. Previously, she has a professional career in managing community-based efforts, as she held the responsibility for participating in the “Beautiful Egypt Campaign. She also provided multi-sector recommendations for the governor of Beni Suef for promoting the health, education, and agriculture sectors. She also took part in several site visits and awareness campaigns. As a part of her societal efforts, she addressed the problem of the seasonal workers at Al Fashn Central Hospital. She is also t member of the General Assembly at various community-based associations.  On the other hand, one of her significant efforts in promoting political leadership is that she was the Assistant Secretary of the supporting campaign of Al Sisi’s presidency; along with other parliamentary and legislative campaigns.

Dr. Alzahraa Mahmoud

Former Head of Beni Suef & Giza branches at the General Authority of Health


Throughout her career, Dr. Alzahraa has successfully advanced to healthcare c-suite positions. She currently acts as the General Manager of Fayoum/ Beni Suef Medical Committees.  Holding various positions where she managed several health insurance clinics, she successfully managed a successful upgrade at these clinics, the establishment of 5-year nursing institute, as well as inauguration of new medical units.   She also participated in various workshops including a leadership workshop and eco-friendly hospital management. As a member of the National Council For Women, she actively contributes to several medical campaigns and convoys. In recognition of her constant professional efforts, she received various recognition certificates and honorary shields. She obtained her degree in medicine and surgery in 1983.

Dr. Eman Girgis

Director of El Fishin Health Insurance Clinic

            Dr. Eman works as the Manager of the Health Insurance Clinic at Al Fashn after earning her master’s degree in Dermatology and Venereology from Kasr Al Ainy medical school.

Dr. Fatma Hassan

Vice President of Beni Suef University

Dr. Fatma is a professor in the food hygiene Department at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Beni-Suef University. received a B. Sc. degree in veterinary medicine from Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt, in 1993. Dr. Fatma also obtained her Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in meat inspection. She joined the University’s food hygiene Department as a Demonstrator. Then, she received academic ranking promotions as an Assistant Lecturer and a Lecturer. She also manifested robust leadership skills, holding the position of vice-chancellor for community development at the Faculty of Agriculture. She also chaired the Human Resources Development Center. Further, she was assigned to be the university’s official spokesperson.  Dr. Fatma authored scientific papers and publications.

Dr. Hanan Abdel Hamed

Senate Member,

and Former Dean of faculty of science – Beni Suef University

Dr. Hanan acts as the Dean of the Faculty of Science, Beni Suef University. Dr. Hanan has been pursuing a career in academia after receiving a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the Faculty of Science, Ain Shams University. She obtained a master’s degree in heroin addiction and a Ph.D. in oncology. She also gained international experience, receiving a 3-month oncology fellowship from the University of Birmingham.  Prior to her current position, she chaired the chemistry department at the Faculty of Science. She authored over 60 papers published in highly- acclaimed scientific journals, along with academic research supervision. She also participated in national and international conferences. Further, she has a constitutional role as a Senate member.

The late Tasouny Heba

The late Tasouny Heba was a dedicated person to Christian charity.  She managed a sewing workshop in addition to collaborating on the nursing activities at Al Salam Hospital. In her position as a nursery manager at Ezebet Al Nakhl, she successfully managed a major upgrading project.  She contributed to upgrading computer labs, and the physiotherapy department.  Along with other various activities, the upgrading process of the nursery included developing new curricula, creating steps sensory room, and handicrafts workshops. Later on, she contributed to promoting the lives of people with disabilities, as a Manager at Aghsan El Zyton NGO for supporting people with disabilities where she also managed to upgrade through starting a garden to be a suitable place for gardening training and recreational activities.

Dr. Laila Abo Akl


Laila works as an Advocate before the Egyptian Court of Cassation and the Council of State. She is also an International Arbitrator and Legal Consultant for family disputes. After receiving a bachelor of law, Laila enrolled in various postgraduate programs, including the international arbitration diploma from the faculty of law. She is also a former Undersecretary at the Ministry of Justice for family affairs. Further, Laila exerted meaningful efforts through her board-level positions at various institutions such as the National Council for Human Rights and the National Council for Women. She contributed to creating awareness campaigns for empowering women and promoting the healthcare system. This is in addition to her contributions as a coordinator of an electoral campaign in support of Al Sisi’s presidency.

Mervat Michel

Member of Parliament

Mervat Michel is a Parliament member. She is also a board member of the Al Nahda Coptic Association For Development in Biba. She is an active participant in several community-based workshops for empowering countryside female entrepreneurs, offering SME loans for female breadwinners in rural areas. She also participated in various workshops for promoting community well-being through workshops, including one organized in collaboration with the international organization, Oxfam.

Dr. Mona Abduallah

Member of Parliament

Mona Abdullah was elected as a parliament member. Further, she took significant collective community-based action with political parties. She also holds the position of organizing secretary of the Nation’s Future Party. In addition to being an NWC member,

he also holds a board-level position at a variety of community-based NGOs. She has been a member of the Governor Advisory Committee, as well as her roles in the Egyptian Trade Union Federation. She also extends her role in community development, as the CEO of Edraak Foundation for Development & Equality‎.

In 2016, she was elected as Women Ambassador for International Peace during Sharm El Shiekh Conference. She was also honored as one of the 100 most influential women in Egypt during the same year. Mona also gained international academic experience, as she holds an MBA degree from the AUC and a doctorate of Economics from Toronto International University. Further, she enrolled in various workshops in community development and business administration, including the Goldman Sachs entrepreneurship program at AUC.

Nagz Arafa

CEO of Osraty Association in Beni Suef

Nagz Arafa acts as the CEO of the Osraty Association in Beni Suef in an effort to take positive action to limit climate change and harness the community’s wellbeing.  Previously, she worked as a financial and administrative manager at the Local Popular Council in Beni Suef till she retired. Since then, she has been carrying out community development activities since 2000. Later on, she founded and chaired an NGO, Osraty Association. The focus areas of the association has been education and women’s financial empowerment. This is in addition to integrating people with disabilities into society and establishing partnerships with Elaraby Foundation for Social Development for providing financial and in-kind aid to vulnerable groups. Her volunteering efforts have been recognized and awarded by several institutions including the National Council For Women, Social Solidarity Decorate, Wayana Foundation, and Misr El Khair Foundation.