Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and economic development 2020.

Hala Al-Saeed Was Born May 19 in Cairo, and belongs to a political family whose roots go back to Dakahlia Governorate, where her father, Eng. Helmi Al-Saeed, was Minister of Electricity and High Dam at the Ministry of Mahmoud Fawzi in 1970. She is the first elected dean of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University since October 2011 until 2016, and she also held an assistant position President of Cairo University for Scientific Research and External Relations Affairs from September 2013 until 2016, and she is considered one of the well-known female banking personalities, as she led the Egyptian Banking Institute, the training arm of the Central Bank of Egypt for a period of eight years during which the institute obtained international accreditation (2006-2008).

Rawya Mansour, African Female Leader of the Year 2019

Top 50 Women Forum congratulates the successful entrepreneur, Rawya Mansour, for obtaining the title of “African Leadership 2019”, the most influential at the continent level, in the annual survey presented by the “African Leadership Magazine” website.
Rawya Mansour received the highest vote of (57.74%) ahead of her competitors Helen Orsegaafor from Nigeria – Managing Director and CEO of Eagle Heights Group (40.39%), and Mrs. Givty Lampte from Ghana – General Manager of Sidalco Group of Companies (1.33%)
Rawiya Mansour is the founder and chairman of the Ramsco Trading and Distribution Company and a member of the National Council for Women for Foreign Affairs and the Rural Committee. She represented Egypt in Romania at the global forum of francophone women, and she is also a member of both the Council of Arab Businesswomen and Clinton Global Initiative, and the “Earth Institute, Columbia University” and the “Cabinet Information and Decision Support Center” of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

Egypt’s Ghada Wali to be director-general of UN Office on Drugs, Crime

Egypt’s Social Solidarity Minister Ghada Wali has been chosen to become the new director-general of the United Nations Office at Vienna (UNOV) and the executive director of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the Egyptian foreign ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

“Minister Wali has the experience and efficiency qualifying her for this important position, which will serve the best interest of member countries and achieve the office’s goals in facing the challenges resulting from organised crime and the spread of drugs and addiction,” the ministry said.

The ministry also expressed its appreciation for UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ efforts to support international peace, security and sustainable development.

“Egypt fully supports these efforts and provides all it can to achieve these joint goals,” the statement said.

Immigration Min. in ALO’s Empowering Women Forum: Egypt is a role model in supporting women


Minister of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates Affairs Nabila Makram participates at Empowering Women Forum Sustainable Development prospective forum held by Arab Labor organization Egypt Minister of Immigration received was invited by Director General of the Arab Labor Organization (ALO) Fayez Ali Al-Mutairi parliament’s undersecretary, Maysa Atwa.

The event witnessed unprecedented attendance of businesswomen from 17 Arab countries.

The Minister highlighted that the Egyptian woman’s issues are considered of a top priority for the political leadership, referring to various initiatives were launched in Egypt to empower women, including “Taa Marbouta” campaign.

She also referred to her last visit to USA and the efforts that are being exerted by Egyptian women abroad for fundraising to support cancer patients, including the Economist Laila Bens in USA , Nemat Shafik , IMF Deputy Managing Director , and Captain Mona Shandy at the Australian Department of Defence.

She also praised the success achieved by many Arab women as leading decision makers.

On the other hand,  MP Maysa Atwa lauded the minister’s efforts, referring to the Egyptian women’s prominent role despite of various challenges.

Minister of Immigration received honor shield from the ALO.

Egypt Cancer Network honors Immigration Min. Nabila Makram for her efforts

Amb. Nabila  Makram, Minister for Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs, attended the annual ceremony held by  Egypt Cancer Network  (ECN) in the presence of Consulate General of Egypt in Los Angeles, Ahmad Shahin who appreciated her efforts during his speech.

ECN hailed the minister for her efforts, which show support for the Egyptian expatriates and the network’s activities as well.

On the other hand, she delivered a speech, lauding the efforts exerted by the Egyptian expats in the USA for supporting the Egyptian cancer patients.

At the same context, she affirmed that Egypt is taking firm steps towards achieving the highest levels of development despite of all the challenges. She also referred to the Ministry’s top priorities, which include combating illegal immigration and reviving the sense of patriotism among the expats through “Etkalem Masry” initiative, Egypt Can Conference, and 17 awareness forums.

Architect Shahira Fahmy wins Tamayouz Excellence Award 2019

Architect Shahira Fahmy Wins “Tamayouz Award 2019” for Woman of Outstanding Achievement, Highly Commended.

Shahira Fahmy, the Founder and Principal of Shahira Fahmy Architects, which was established in Cairo in 2005. Shahira Fahmy Architects has gained international recognition and presence after winning several awards and competitions in London, Chicago, Switzerland, Istanbul and Dubai. Fahmy has designed and built projects in the Middle East and Europe, and was once hailed by Phaidon as one of the “Architects Building the Arab Future”.

In addition to her built work, she has researched rapid urbanization and mapping, and is a two-time recipient of Harvard University’s post-doc fellowship for her prescient work exploring the relationship between urbanism, governance and cyberspace. Fahmy’s work has been featured in numerous publications, such as The New York Times T Magazine, The Architects’ Journal, The Architectural Review and The Financial Times, to mention a few.

She has taught at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation; the American University in Cairo; and Cairo University. Moreover, she was also a project reviewer for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2013 cycle.

She is currently working on an affordable housing project in the UK.

The jury members for the Women in Architecture and Construction Award 2019 said about her, “Shahira Fahmy a very talented architect whose work is diverse, authentic and clear,” the jury said. Her designs originate from the characteristics of the materials used and they are responsive to their surrounding social and natural contexts. Her work shows great attention to detail.

In addition to architectural design, she specializes in urban and furniture design – her crossover of passions, as well as her methodology, informs her work and creates brilliant and inspiring end results. As a role model, she spreads positive influence to younger generations through her work and in the classroom, where she teaches.


Source: Tamayouz Award & Women of Egypt.

Top 50 Women Forum participate in “Egypt Can” Conference

Dina Abdel Fattah:  Five recommendations issued at Women Session in “Egypt Can” Conf.

Media Figure. Dina Abdel Fattah, Editor-in-Chief of  Amwal Al Ghad magazine and the founder of the Top50 Women Forum,  announced a set of recommendations  in her statement  during the closing of a session entitled ” Egyptian Women abroad  and the Global markets” at “Egypt Can With Investment and Development” Conference.

Dina stressed on the importance of creating a clear map outlining the effective investment opportunities for the Egyptian expats, which will support the local economy in return.

In regard to tourism sector, she also referred to the necessity of setting up marketing strategy to promote all types of tourism in Egypt.

She also stated that women’s representation in the Egyptian media needs to be more significant through a systematic media plan shedding more light on Egyptian women’s stories of success abroad.

On the other hand, Dina added that FRA’s recently- issued decision to increase women’s representation on boards is of paramount importance.

During the session, Dina revealed her story of success in starting a business with her family.  She followed her passion to a notable career in media for more than 30 years. Four years ago, she initiated the Top50 Forum to be a platform for 205 Egyptian technocratic women holding leading positions at prominent social and economic sectors. She announced that the 5th edition of Top 50 Forum will be looking for new members and influential women across the country.

During the session, Amb. Nabila Makram, Egypt’s Minister of Immigration and Expatriate Affairs, made a statement, referring to the state’s great support for the Egyptian women living abroad who have achieved notable successes in various countries such as USA and Australia.

The minister also referred to the State’s support for women’s representation on the economic and social dimensions.

She stated that women’s quota in the Egyptian parliament reached 92 members. Adding to this, eight women hold seats as ministers in Egypt’s current cabinet.

At a same context, Nadia Taylor, Director and Owner at TNA packaging solutions, stated that she immigrated to Australia when she was 5. It was Nadia’s dream to start a business. She worked with her husband on fulfilling this dream, which resulted in establishing global supplier of integrated food processing and packaging solutions with over 32 offices.


AUC Hosts The Arab International Women’s Forum, Empowering Women


AUC hosted Women as Engines of Economic Growth in collaboration with the Arab International Women’s Forum (AIWF). Bringing together key representatives from different sectors, the full-day conference paved the road for in-depth discussions on the glass ceilings facing women and delivered recommendations on how to break such ceilings, empower women and challenge the status quo.

Throughout the day, four panels were held to examine critical development challenges and opportunities for Egyptian and Arab female leaders in business, entrepreneurship, academia and public service in Egypt and the broader Middle East and Africa region toward the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda on women and youth and their social and economic prosperity. Specifically, the conference ultimately conveyed actionable noteworthy recommendations for empowering women as engines of economic growth.

The panel discussions drew key representatives from the Arab public and private sectors, international organizations and institutes, academia, civil society, women and young leaders together for timely discussions drawing on the panelists’ varied experiences and backgrounds. Themes covered included gender diversity on corporate boards and in family businesses, women in public office, women in academia, the role and contributions of women in the rural and informal sectors — concluding with reflections on the future of work for women and youth in the MENA region.

“In most Arab countries, women are also successfully assuming positions of leadership in public service and international relations, and are increasingly being elected and appointed to political, diplomatic and development roles, giving women a greater voice in legislative reform throughout the region,” said Al Kaylani.

“It’s really inspiring when you come to attend such events,” expressed Sarah Raouf, senior legal manager of PepsiCo Egypt. “I’m a working mother, and seeing such female leaders makes me feel that it’s worth what I’m doing and worth the stress. It’s all very inspiring and heartfelt.”

By the same token, Wafa Abed, head of group internal audit, Bank of Beirut and the Arab Countries, reflected: “The event is extremely timely as far as the subjects examined; they are the topics of the hour. The panels addressed new issues, and this is very important on the ground because it’s not only about the [number] of women; it’s about their impact and what the general public enables them to do.”

“A lot of time we don’t evaluate men in our mindset, we evaluate women in leadership positions. Men and women have different values and they should be evaluated differently. They should be equally respected for their choices,” affirmed Maya Morsy, president of the National Council for Women. “If family comes first, that does not by any means mean that work comes second, they come together. Mothers should be respected, so we want the private sector not to ask women whether they are engaged or single.”

Dean of AUC’s School of Business Sherif Kamel remarked: “If you want to focus on men, you’re only going to develop half of the society. You have to develop both men and women. I still think there’s more to be done in terms of wellness and in terms of opportunities.”

Al Kaylani concluded the conference by expressing her gratitude for AIWF’s partnership with AUC: “We are delighted to be in Cairo, Egypt at one of the region’s best universities, The American University in Cairo … celebrating a century of AUC’s leadership as Egypt’s global University and … partnering with AUC on this important initiative.”

Source: AUC Egypt

3 Egyptian Women Honorees on Science Day 2019

Celebrating the Science Day 2019, President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi honored a number of Egyptian scientists and scholars who have received the Nile and State Appreciation Awards. Remarking Egyptian woman’s vital role in science, 3 Egyptian women were among the honorees:

Prof. Iman Mohamed Hussein Khedr, Dr. Maha Saad Ali Zaki, and Dr. RagaaTaha Mansour.

Prof. Iman M. Khedr, Professor Emeritus at Department of Neurology and Psychiatry in Assiut University, received a State appreciation award in medical sciences in 2018. Gained 35-year experience, she has a vital role at boosting neurophysiology, acute stroke care, motor neuron disorders, dementias, movement disorders, and neurorehabilitation. Due to her efforts in this domain, Assuit University was globally recognized, as her clinical contribution made the patients treated earlier. Moreover, she is an associate editor for Neuroentrology journal, and Medical journal of Assiut University. She also reviewed several scientific journals, including Clinical Neurophysiology, which is an American Journal, and Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry.
She received awards and honors:
1- Award of the best scientific research in Neurology in 1996 from The Egyptian society of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery
2- National Encouraging Award in Medical Science, year 2000 from The National Academy for Scientific research and Technology
3- Award of Scientific Excellence in Medicine in 2003 from Assiut University
4- National Award of Excellence in Modern technology of Medical Science, year 2010 from The National Academy for Scientific research and Technology
5- Excellence in Scientific Publication Awards (ESCPA) 2012

Dr. Maha Saad  Ali Zaki is an Associate Professor of Clinical Genetics Department, Human Genetics and Genome Research Unit, NRC. Since 2006 till 2011, She was principal  investigator  in  a  collaborative  project  between  National Research  Centre  and  University  Of  California, Department  of  Neuro science entitled “patient oriented autosomal recessive brain diseases”. She received the State’s Scientific Excellence Award in 2011. She has conducted 135 researches. Maha Saad Zaki has been listed as a noteworthy medical geneticist by Marquis Who’s Who.

Dr. RagaaTaha Mansour, Egyptian fertility clinic administrator, was certified in vitro fertilization at Ohio State University (OSU) in 2003. She also received  Dr.Fakhry’s award for obstetrics-gynecology from the Egyptian Academy of Sciences Research in 1993. Besides, she has been a member at the Arab Women Solidarity, and a member of the European Society Human Reproduction and Embryology. Moreover, she has been awarded a fellowship from Maastricht University, optimizing in vitro fertilization results. She has published total of 163 researches at scientific journals.

Nowadays, Egypt pays a great attention to Egyptian women, building strategy to boost their prominent roles at all sectors.

Top 50 Women Forum: Amendments on EGX listing mandating more women on boards…. A new victory for women and exceptional economic achievement

Egypt became one of the leading countries that support woman’s role at economic development

FRA’s decision to be the basis for promoting woman’s vital role through various career paths


Cairo, 17 September 2019


Top 50 Women Forum affirmed that the Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA)’s newly issued decision is considered a major victory for women, which will entirely boost the State’s economy.  The new amendments, issued by the Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA), mandate that publicly listed companies as well as non-banking financial firms must work to increase women’s representation on boards.

In its statement, Top 50 Women Forum highlighted that it gave a top priority to increasing women’s representation inquiry within the last two years. Women’s representation on boards is of paramount importance on the institutional level in the light of women’s effective role in economic development strategy adopted by the political leadership.

It is worth noting that eight women hold seats as ministers in Egypt’s current cabinet.

FRA’s decision is considered a step to advance Egypt’s rankings in the Doing Business Report. FRA also adopts a policy for achieving sustainable development, boosting women’s empowerment and representation on boards.

Top 50 Women Forum referred to FRA’s decision as a major support for the forum’s last achievements and coming plans towards raising woman’s representation on boards. Such achievement could be a starting point for all entities in Egypt to adopt similar policies for women empowerment as well as amending the related regulations applied by the private sector.

According to the forum, such decision to be the basis for promoting woman’s effective corporate board representation in Egypt.  FRA’s decision will make a clear difference through supporting women at holding leading positions as well as having effective roles at the development process.

The forum also revealed that Egypt became one of the leading countries that support woman’s role at economic development, including Sweden, the UAE, UK, France and Norway. UK took legislative action for higher female representation on boards of directors. Norway also called for increasing the quota for women on corporate boards to 40%.

The French government sets an action plan till 2022 to end the unjustified gender wage gap.

Egypt is working on a strategy focusing on boosting women’s empowerment in its future development strategy, looking forward supporting women’s effective role at achieving sustainable development by 2030. This strategy includes 4 integrated axes: political empowerment, economic empowerment, social empowerment, and security.

FRA’s Chairman, Mohammad Omran, says that FRA’s Board had approved at its meeting yesterday an amendment to listing and delisting rules by introducing a clause in Article 6 of FRA’s Board’s decision no. 11 of 2014 on listing and delisting rules, namely the necessity of women’s representation on corporate Boards. This is in addition to amending decision no. 53 of 2018 on licensing requirements and rules of ownership of shares of companies operating in non-banking financial activities.

Dr. Omran stresses that women’s representation on corporate Boards achieves many national and international goals, including the implementation of the National Strategy for the Empowerment of Egyptian Women 2030, setting the target for women in senior management posts by 2030 at 30% and achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

FRA’s Chairman explains that international experiences related to gender diversity on corporate boards have shown better corporate performance. He adds that this is consistent with the positive indicators of a study conducted in Egypt by an international body to monitor the impact of women’s representation on corporate Boards in nearly 2139 Egyptian companies representing two groups of private and public companies listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange.

Indicators showed that companies with women’s representation achieve higher profitability rates and better financial strength. Also, the study which was conducted during 2014- 2016 showed that companies with women on their boards achieved higher ROE’s of 2% , 4% in return on assets and 5% in return on sales. In addition, companies that take into account gender diversity on corporate boards prefer equity financing and are less reliance on debt.

Moreover, Private companies with female representation on boards and a workforce of both sexes (a mix of at least 25% females) have made remarkable progress in profitability measures; more than double the rate of profit growth and greater financial capacity. Also, Private companies showed 8% growth in return on equity and return on assets and 7% in return on sales.

The 50 Top -most influential women forum acts as first of its kind growing network women leaders in business, who had been awarded and recognized as the top 50 most influential women in a ceremony held in January 2016 under the auspices of Egypt’s Prime Minister. Top 50 Women Forum includes high profile executives, entrepreneurs, ministers, and senior officials at major financial and banking institutions. The forum is committed to approach of strengthening Egyptian woman’s role as a partner in economic development.