Amwal Al Ghad Magazine to Announce 50 Most Influential Women in Egypt On Feb 22nd

Amwal Al Ghad Magazine Deplores Fake Nomination Lists Showing Discrepancy in Selection Process

Dina Abdel-Fattah: Amwal Al Ghad Magazine Targets Sustainable Positive Impact Through Its Annual Ranking, Prioritizing women’s issues on the national agendas

Cairo – January 19, 2022:

Amwal Al Ghad magazine, an affiliate of the United Media Services Company “UMS”, will announce its annual list of the 50 most influential women in business for the year 2021 on February 22 during its annual ceremony, which will be held under the auspices and extensive participation of government-level officials, along with the participation of business community leaders, financial and investment institutions, and civil society organizations. This unique annual event will shed light on the multi-sector achievements witnessed by the Egyptian state, especially female-led achievements that have been of great results during the past year, in light of the unlimited support provided by the political leadership and the government for women in the current stage, receiving a major focus as part of the identity of the “New Republic”.

The list of female honorees has been developed as an outgrowth of the Amwal Al Ghad magazine’s ranking, which has been positioned as a major certified ranking of the 50 most influential women in Egypt. This ranking process is carried out annually under the auspices of the Egyptian government, according to a set of criteria that measure the achievement of influential women during the past year. Those successful women have shown resilience and strength in overcoming unprecedented challenges, showing the women’s capabilities to hold vital positions, perform ministerial duties in the country, and run many major institutions.

The magazine denounces some attempts to release fake nomination lists, based on the magazine’s choices during the past 7 years, pursuing to imitate the same experience without complying with accurate scientific standards. Hence, this would weaken the credibility and professionalism of sustaining such positive change in the annual ranking process that is jointly carried out in cooperation with many ministries and institutions, which leads to a discrepancy in the classification process criteria, which the 50 most influential women annual ranking is based upon, as these fake lists are only released on the social media platforms.

For her part, Dina Abdel-Fattah, Editor-in-Chief of Amwal Al-Ghad magazine, said that the selection of the list of the most powerful businesswomen in Egypt is carried out based on precise criteria, which assess the actual impact of achievements, in addition to other criteria related to the nominee’s extent of professional experience and the community participation during the year. She also highlighted the honorable multi-sector achievements of a large number of women, stressing the importance of utilizing the Egyptian women’s production capabilities and creativity to boost the added value as well as achieve comprehensive sustainable growth as targeted by the political leadership.

She pointed out that the magazine Amwal Al Ghad Magazine targeted achieving sustainable positive impact through its annual ranking, prioritizing women’s issues on the national agendas amid the challenges faced at all sectors in a way for re-identifying the Egyptian identity according to sat of criteria that eliminate discrimination, as well as boosting women’s humanitarian and professional roles.

Abdel-Fattah pointed out that the selected list strongly indicates the necessity of developing and strengthening the inspiring and successful roles of women who gained distinguished experiences in various fields, shedding light on their inspiring experiences, and promoting them effectively to motivate the new female generations.

The editor-in-chief of Amwal Al-Ghad magazine confirmed the magazine’s keenness to contribute to supporting and advocating Egyptian women’s issues and eliminating the challenges that hinder their economic, political, and social participation, which is considered a major focus of the media strategy of the United Media Services Company “UMS”, of which the magazine is honored to be an affiliate.

Under the Patronage of Egypt’s PM, Amwal Al Ghad Magazine Organizes Amwal Al Ghad Awards Ceremony on Feb 22nd

Under the patronage of Egypt’s Prime Minister, the 7th Edition of Amwal Al Ghad Awards Ceremony will kick off next February, 22nd. Amwal Al Ghad magazine, a UMS’s affiliate, organizes the largest annual award ceremony to honor the most influential personalities and companies in the national economy and public life. The ceremony also commemorates various socioeconomic success stories in extensive participation of government-level officials, economic leaders, policymakers, C-suite officials, CEOs, academic experts, international organizations, as well as regional and international partners.

Under the theme of “The New Republic – A Story of Success and Determination”, this year’s summit will hail the achievements of Egypt’s economy as success in overcoming the challenges while heading to the “New Republic”.  “The “New Republic” represents a new country-level management approach to turn the Egyptian economy into a competitive, innovative, knowledge-based economy.  Further, this approach contributes to sustainable, adaptable, and proactive public-private partnerships to gain the stakeholders’ trust and boost their positive impact on all the developmental indicators to steer them forward and grasp the focus on future challenges.

The categories of award winners this year include the best 100 EGX-listed companies, the 50 most influential women, successful entrepreneurs, outstanding people with disabilities (PWDs), the best in CSR and sustainability, and multi- sector top achieves. Amwal Al Ghad magazine keenly carries out objective and transparent assessments in cooperation with major research and financial institutions for selecting the list of nominees.

The list of award winners to be announced during this new edition reflects on Egypt’s efforts to boost successful economic growth despite the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic. Further, the economic reforms significantly contribute to the boost the recovery of the Egyptian economy from the global repercussions of the pandemic. Hence, the ceremony illustrates the extent of the success and enforcement of the economic reform measures in harnessing the capabilities of the Egyptian economic recovery amid the pandemic to achieve a sustainable development strategy. The ceremony also showcases the robust resilience of the Egyptian economy supported by the competitiveness and success of the leading companies and personalities. As shown by several reports and international indicators, Egypt’s growth rate reached 9.6% in Q1 of the current FY, recording the highest quarterly growth rate over the past two decades.

The current edition of the ceremony will host various ministers, CEOs of major financial institutions, and investors, in addition to expanded participation of businesswomen, to shed light on the successes witnessed by the national economy on both the governmental and private sector levels, as well as conduct a comprehensive community dialogue on stimulating investments in vital sectors and advancing the development process and trade. This is in addition to promoting the integration of the PPPS to establish a modern economy compatible with global changes.

The lists of honorees which include the best companies and personalities have been prepared in cooperation with several investment banks and economic analysis centers according to criteria related to business performance, financial analysis, innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility, as the organizing entities aim to raise international rankings of the national companies, enhance their capabilities in dealing with international institutions and organizations,  as the global economy became more reliant on qualitative classification, as a mo reference in evaluating economies.

The list of female honorees has been developed as an outgrowth of the Amwal Al Ghad magazine’s ranking, which has been positioned as a major certified ranking of the 50 most influential women in Egypt. This ranking process is carried out annually under the auspices of the Egyptian government, according to a set of criteria that measure the achievement of influential women during the past year. Those successful women have shown resilience and strength in overcoming unprecedented challenges, showing the women’s capabilities to hold vital positions, perform ministerial duties in the country, and run many major institutions.

For her part, Dina Abdel-Fattah, Editor-in-Chief of Amwal Al-Ghad magazine and President of Amwal Al Ghad Awards Ceremony, said that this year’s edition of the summit would celebrate the achievements of the Egyptian economy and the major transformations it has witnessed during the past few years, which crystalized the concept of the “new republic” under the leadership of H. E. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. The New republic aims primarily to improve operational and production indicators, and its philosophy is based on the transformations caused by giant national projects, on top of which is the new administrative capital project; as the progress will not only be achieved on the level of construction, but it will also positively impact the positive change all over the state in order to create a real identity for the Egyptian economy.


She pointed out that the constant development must be accompanied by a review of the success experience, its achievers, the lessons learned, and the related objectives. Accordingly, this will contribute to raising collective awareness, in line with the achievement and the great transformation that affected the identity of the Egyptian state that has been pursuing excellence and competition either on the regional and global levels, in light of a great historical legacy and the promising contemporary plans, crystallizing futuristic perspectives to resume our leading experience on the global level.

Abdel-Fattah pointed out that the lists of nominees prepared by Amwal Al-Ghad magazine include the most powerful companies, economic figures, and influential women in Egypt for the year 2021, as the selection process is based on scientific criteria, considering accuracy and transparency. Further, the evaluation and classification processes represent a pillar in modern management.

She noted that this annual ranking ceremony celebrates the 50 most influential women in business to emphasize the excellence of Egyptian women during recent years at all leadership levels, creating a positive and sustainable impact with regard to women’s socio-economic empowerment, which has been prioritized on Egypt’s national agendas amid the major challenges faced at all levels, representing an opportunity to reidentify the Egyptian identity based on sound standards and criteria that eliminate all forms of discrimination.

The previous editions witnessed the attendance of high-level groups of ministers and officials, including Amb. Nabila Makram, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad Affairs, Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation, Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, Dr. Nivine El-Kabbag, Minister of Social Solidarity, Nevine Gamea, Minister of Trade and Industry, Hisham Tawfiq, Minister of Public Business Sector, Dr. Mohamed Omran, Executive Chairman of the Financial Regulatory Authority, and Dr. Maya Morsy, President of the National Council for Women.

In its new edition, the event applies all precautionary measures and preventive controls approved by the government within the state’s strategy to mitigate the Covid-19 pandemic, along with all health measures and recommendations approved by the Ministry of Health and Population, which include automatic sterilization gates, thermal checkpoints, and cameras.  face masks and disinfectants are attendance requirements. This is in addition to a commitment to periodic sterilization of various sides of the hall, in addition to adhering to the prescribed number and ensuring a safe distance between attendees.

Amwal Al Ghad Awards Ceremony is one of the major events that is annually held for recognizing multisector socio-economic achievement. Since its inception in 2015, the annual ceremony has been held under the patronage of Egypt’s PM, witnessing the attendance of Ministers, CEOs, and C-suite officials at companies operating in Egypt.






Yasmine A. Abbas


Yasmine A. Abbas

Assistant Sub-Governor Market sectors , Head of quantitative & modeling analytics desk in the reserve management department at the Central Bank of Egypt

She has almost 15 years of experience. She joined CBE in 2006 as a senior risk analyst to play an influential role in building the foundation of the Reserves Management Department and developing the Quant team.

She is responsible for the development of the Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) of foreign exchange reserves using yield curve modeling and several econometric techniques. She has been deeply involved in setting up the process of benchmark selection, currency allocation, and portfolio risk budgeting.
In addition, she developed a new mandate for the desk where she is carrying an external sector assessment of the Egyptian economy, a framework that is internationally used by IMF for other peer countries to assess current accounts, exchange rates, external balance sheet positions, capital flows, and international reserves.
She is also carrying an External debt sustainability framework assessing the current situation of the Egyptian economy’s external debt and identifying key vulnerabilities in the debt structure in response to macroeconomic shocks.
Currently, She is part of the economic reform program team and leads the negotiations with the IMF.

Zakeya Ibrahim


Zakeya Ibrahim

Assistant Sub-Governor Markets sector, Head of money and capital markets team in markets department at the Central Bank of Egypt

She is a CFA Charter Holder. She has also attended several training programs and Seminars at Harvard (completed the certificate of management excellence), the World Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank, and on the job training at several international asset managers. She worked also as Part time instructor in AUC School of Business, Executive Education.
Collectively, she has 15 years of work experience, eleven of which have been with the Central Bank of Egypt.
Ms. Zakeya holds an MBA degree from Edinburgh Business School with Distinction.

She earned her Bachelor degree in Construction Engineering from the American University in Cairo in 2003 with highest honours where after finishing her engineering studies she shifts career to finance exploiting a natural edge in quantitative fields like many Engineers.

Rania Ghareeb


Rania Ghareeb

Executive Vice President for Regulatory Affairs and Legal Affairs, Orange Egypt

Rania Ghareeb was appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Regulatory Affairs and Legal Affairs at Orange Egypt on July 1, 2017. Rania held several positions at Telecom Egypt, the last of which was the Executive Vice President of Legal and Regulatory Affairs.
She has extensive experience in corporate governance through membership in the board of directors of several companies in the telecommunications sector, including its membership in Vodafone’s Board of Directors. As a lawyer and a registered lawyer in Cairo, she has 18 years of extensive experience in communications laws, regulations, competition laws, government relations, consumer protection and dispute resolution.

Ola Balbaa


Eng. Ola Balbaa

Wells Engineer, BP, MSc, Renewable energy

Ola is a Wellsite drilling engineer in BP, one of the top energy companies in the world, she works on offshore and onshore rigs managing more than 120 personnel to develop gas wells in the Nile Delta.
Ola seeks a leadership role in her career bringing her vision of immediate and strategic value and development.
Ola is a graduate of Gas and petrochemicals Engineering, class 2012, Alexandria University, Egypt, and a Master of Science degree holder in Renewable energy, Alexandria University, Egypt.

After Graduation, she has taken a research engineer role in Egypt Japan University of Science and Technology. In this regards, she worked in Kyoto and TokyoTech Universities on related joint research Projects, working in besides managing her own research as well.
She was Awarded by Switchmed Entrepreneurship Program, sponsored by the United Nations and Minister of Commerce for her startup Project proposal “Wara’a” Paper recycling in Educational Institutes.




Egyptian design duo siblings Aya and Mounaz Abdelraouf

They launched their brand Okhtein – meaning, appropriately, “sisters” in Arabic – because of their vision to bring true luxury back to their home country as well as drawing international attention to the inherent refinement of Egyptian partisanship,sensing a gap in the market for true luxury accessories produced in Egypt. Launched in 2013, Okhtein seeks to set new trends, promoting Egyptian artistry as well as presenting new designs to the world.
As a brand, Okhtein is remarkable due to its hyper local manufacturing process. Each Okhtein product has a unique provenance with deep cultural associations. To manufacture their products, Aya and Mounaz felt compelled to take a philanthropic approach to their work out of a desire to incorporate more handmade embroidery and straw into their leather work.

This led to a highly mutually rewarding collaboration with several local NGOs that work to provide assistance to skilled female workers who have faced considerable financial hardship.
Okhtein stands apart as a luxury brand that is truly committed to supporting the cultural value of Egyptian craftsmanship and to giving back to those in need while promoting innovative, cutting-edge design on an international scale.
Okhtein stands apart as a luxury brand that is truly committed to supporting the cultural value of Egyptian craftsmanship and to giving back to those in need while promoting innovative, cutting-edge design on an international scale.

Noura Hassan


Noura Hassan

Former Director of Sales for Greece ,Cyprus and Malta at Trend Micro IT

As a Managing Director for North Africa and Levant, Noura Hassan was leading business strategies and operations planning in the region, while working with strong and dedicated team to maintain high technical and sales performance.
Noura joined Trend Micro in Jan 2015 where she established numerous business development opportunities.

Having 15+ years of regional and local experience in the field, she managed to bring a wealth of in-depth experience to Security and Networks industry. Noura is currently based in Cairo, Egypt.

She has a bachelor of Communications Engineering and holds several Software and Information Security Certificates.

Nour Elzeny


Nour Elzeny

General Manager Corporate Communication at Suez Canal bank

Nour Elzeny is currently the General Manager Corporate Communication at Suez Canal bank. In the past, she held several key positions at a number of multinational organization sin Canada and Egypt such as Regional Communication Manager at the Arab Radio & TV (ART) for the Middle East
and North Africa region as well as Marketing & Financial Consultant in financial consulting firms and Bank of Montreal in Canada .

Ms. Elzeny enjoys a long and solid experience spanning 25 years in the fields of Media and Communication. During her tenure holding several senior positions of diverse nature, Nour has been able to develop and manage Marketing Communication plans including Internal and External Communication, Media Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sponsorships, Investor Relations and Consumer Communication. Branding, Public Relations, Training and Channel Production were key elements of her responsibilities held at a number of multinational organizations in Egypt and Canada.

Nour Elzeny is an expert instructor in the fields of Media, Marketing , Public Relations, Business Etiquette and Leadership at a number of reputable education institutes , Elzeny conducted over 4000 hours of training delivered to more than 5000 trainees in Egypt as well as other countries in the Middle East namely; Algeria, Jordon, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA ), Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria and UAE. She had also delivered training in Egypt for candidates from Iraq, Libya, Qatar, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and Sudan serving the needs of big multinational organizations in a big variety of industries including Telecom, Manufacturing, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Medical, Real Estate, FMCGs, Retail, Embassies, Banks, Media, Investment, Education, Airport and Aviation as well as Sports.

Nahla Bassam


Nahla Bassam

Founder of Book It Forward

Bassam is the owner of a Facebook charity group called Book it forward. It is a group on Facebook that sells used books donated by the group members and all the cash returns from these sales go to charity.
It was founded in 2015 and since then has collected over 80,000 EGP that were donated to various hospitals and non-for-profit organizations across Egypt. The group aims at Increasing social support and contribution to community development .

It also aims at Encouraging recycling, sharing and giving back, Set a positive platform for readers to discuss books and authors, offering books for reasonable prices for the group members, and Providing signed books by authors who contributed with copies from their publications to be put up in auctions on the group for fund raising.
She holds a bachelor degree in business administration from faculty of commerce, Ain shams university.