Egypt’s Parliament Appoints Dr. Nevine Al-Kilani as Minister of Culture

Dr. Nevine is the second woman to take over the Ministry of Culture, succeeding Inas Abdel Dayem, Egypt’s first female Culture Minister, since the establishment of the ministry by the end of the 1950s.

Nevine started her journey of success after her graduation in 1989. She obtained a Ph.D. in Art Criticism from the Academy of Arts in 1995. In 2014, she assumed the position of the Dean of the Higher Institute of Art Criticism at the Academy of Arts.

Along with her academic career, Nevine assisted the former Head of the Cultural Development Fund, Salah Choucair, in the event management follow-up of the Opera House’s opening ceremony. She also gained in-depth experience in public relations, holding PR positions at the Opera House and the opera’s creativity centers. Al-Kilani held the position of the Cultural Development Fund in January 2017.

Amb. Soha Gendi appointed as Egypt’s New Immigration Minister

Amb. Soha Samir Gendi was appointed as the new Minister Of Immigration And Egyptian Expatriates Affairs, as part of the latest 13- minister cabinet reshuffle approved by the Parliament in an extraordinary session.

Prior to her current position, Soha held the position of Assistant Foreign Minister for African Organizations during the period that Egypt became the new Chair of COMESA in 2019.  In this regard, she was responsible for reviewing Egypt’s strategy to chair 21st COMESA Summit held in the Administrative Capital in November 2021.

She also had a vital role as the representative of Egypt’s President of the Republic, in heading the delegation of the African Union Development Agency (NEPAD) both the African Development Agency (NEPAD) and the urgent meeting of the African Peer Review Mechanism.

Ambassador Soha Gendi obtained a master’s degree in Euro-Mediterranean Studies, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University in 2010, and a diploma in international relations from the German Foundation for International Development in 1990. Further, she received a BA in English Language, from Ain Shams University in 1988.

During her extended career journey at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Soha served as Egyptian ambassador to Germany from 1992 to 1996, and in Romania from 1999 to 2003. She also headed the Egyptian Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York, contributing to the establishment of the United Nations Women Organization (UN Women) in 2010.  she was appointed by the Egyptian President as Egypt’s ambassador to Ireland from 2015 to 2019.

Further, she held the position of Director of the East Asian Affairs Department from 2003 to 2006, as she was delegated to promote the Egyptian- Japanese cooperation to establish a new Opera House, the Japanese University, and the Grand Egyptian Museum.  Then, she has been Deputy Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for North American Affairs from 2011 to 2015, as she managed the portfolio of US aids. She also held the position of director of the Director of International Cooperation Department in 2019 before she assumed the position of Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Eng. Amal Elalfy

Director of the infrastructure projects unit funded by the entreprise development agency and Director of the unplanned areas – Development Unit in Port-said

Amal assumes the position in the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency (MSME) as a Project Manager of the EU- funded infrastructure projects in Port Said. She also chairs the slum development unit. She is responsible for reviewing the protocols and agreements reached between the office of the Port Said Governorate, the MSME, and the Slum Development Fund. This is in addition to drafting the associated regulations. She is also delegated to supervise the site management process of these projects. She keeps a close eye on achieving sustainability, digital transformation, and quality assurance, bringing experience gained while enrolling in various national and international training programs.


Eng. Amal Toman

Director – Development Unit in Port-said

Amal heads the Property Management Department at the Citizens service center in Port  Said. After achieving academic excellence, she gained professional experience of more than 11 years in architecture.  She managed the restructuring process of the department. She contributed to setting a nationally unified database for the statewide property inventory and restoration to be ideally utilized. She also facilitated the accessibility of services provided for retirees in the governorate. She was also delegated to hold a supervisory role in carrying out the first project of launching technological centers.


Dr. Eatemad Soliman

Dean of the technical institute of tourism and hotels – Port-Said technological college

Eatemad brings an extensive academic experience in tourism guidance. Currently, she holds the position of the Dean of the technical institute of tourism and hotels in Port-Said. After her graduation, she started an elaborative academic career in tourism guidance as academic personnel.  She also holds C-suite professions as the General Manager of Tourism & Hotels Institution and the Vice-Chancellor of training and environment affairs.  She is also an education quality consultant in tourism and hotel management. She is also a staff member of TVET Egypt’s programs specializing in curriculum design and technical education. She also chaired the quality assurance unit at Tourism & Hotel Institute. She also was appointed as a board member at the Technology College in Port Said. She also extended her professional knowledge by enrolling in a number of international courses at Daytona State College, and the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute. She also took part in various national and international conferences. She also contributed to harnessing the employability skills of the alumni of tourism and hotel institutes. She was assigned to hold various academic roles at Daytona State College, USA. She also brought the international experience she gained to the academic personnel to launch an electronic portfolio. Eatemad received various recognition letters from national and international entities for her dedication, as well as her efforts in raising awareness on tourism and Egypt’s historical legacy.


Hala Omar

Head of the computer & Information technology department, and responsible for public relations & mass communication – Industrial zone south Port-Said

Hala gained a vast experience in PR and corporate communication. Along with her role as a PR specialist, she chairs the IT Department of the General Authority of North Port Said Industrial Zone. Further, she heads the Communication and Monitoring Department of Al Qada Center.  Previously, she was the Communication Head of the Publishing Department at the Information and Decision Support Center IDSC. Besides, she received an honorary membership in the Egyptian Junior Business Association. In recognition of her vital efforts, she was honored during the Top 50 Forum Ceremony 2021 as one of the most influential women. She also received honorary shields and recognition letters for supporting investments, sports activities, and boosting the qualifications of the youth.





Howayda Abdallah

Member of the technical office of Port-said governor – Development Unit in Port-said

Howayda assumes various senior-level positions in Port Said Governor’s Office. She is a member of the technical office of the Port Said Governor. In addition to her responsibilities in the Development Unit in Port-said, she has been delegated to be a Coordinator for mega community development projects in this governorate. Accordingly, she contributed to promoting the employability skills of the youth in the governorate as a part of an initiative carried out in collaboration with the ILO. In this regard, she is also a member of the Opportunity Equity Committee. Howayda also took a part in harnessing the environmental adaptability in the governorate as part of her project coordinator responsibilities. She also extended her role in promoting community development, being a member of the Regional Population Council in Port Said. She was also assigned to act as a Rapporteur in the Supreme Council of Culture, and Committee concerned with sustaining legacy and history and street naming. She also strengthened her professional skill by receiving national and international workshops in various sectors, including crisis management, anti-corruption, and supporting projects.


Prof.Dr. Maha Zakaria

Professor of criticism & artistics appreciation at Port-said University

Vice president for community service, environmental development

Maha is a Professor of Criticism & Art Appreciation at the Faculty of Art Education. She also assumes the position of Vice-President for Community Service and Environmental Development. She completed her post-graduate studies after earning her bachelor’s degree with an excellent grade from Helwan University. Her significant career path started by joining the Faculty of Specific Education, Port Said University. She continued to receive higher academic ranks. She was elected as the Faculty Dean for 3 years. She also held various senior-level administrative positions in the faculty, supporting education quality insurance and accreditation, and combating violence against women. She also had an editorial contribution as the Editor-in-Chief of a semi-annual academic journal. She chaired the 6th edition of the faculty’s international conference about the future of specific education in Egypt and the Arab region; in addition to taking part in various academic conferences and workshops. She also conducted a special case study about the history of local and international famous museums.

Eng. Nermin Nashat

Director general of the general administration of urban planning and development – Development Unit in Port-said

Driven by her distinguishing leadership skills, she assumes the position of the General Manager of the urban planning and development general administration. She started her career as an Engineer at the Consultant Group For Architecture & Planning. Later, she was appointed as a Planning Engineer For El Manakh District. She also chaired the construction licensing Committee during the first phase of its establishment.  Nermin also holds the position of the General Administration of Planning and Urban Development. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University.   She managed to combat anti-corruption in cooperation with the Administrative Control Authority, Administrative Prosecution Office, and the Public Prosecution Office.  She also chaired the Committee concerned with facilities projects for licensed buildings. She also contributed to developing the construction licensing strategy and sustaining heritage buildings through her participation in the EWLB program, and membership in various committees.


Sara Nasef

Chairperson – Queen Plast Factory

An experienced leader in the plastic industry. Currently, she holds a C- Suite position as the Deputy CEO and Name Partner of Queen Plast. She successfully scaled up her leadership skills, driving the success of this mega project.